About me


I’m Dawn Croydon-Fowler

I am a registered, qualified and experienced therapist that works with individuals who struggle with their families albeit their Toxic Parents, Spouse and even their Toxic Adult Children. 

I first help individuals and couples first understand how modern day values and approaches affect how we interact with each other. This has led to many relationships that are dysfunctional and toxic. 

I will help you as and individual heal from it, work out values that work that will serve you to get the outcomes you want. With couples, again we understand how modern values affect relationships and how you could navigate this as a couple to have the relationship that works for you both.


Why work with me

Well, I think when you meet me, you will find I am easy to talk to. People find that I am friendly, but honest, and very “down-to-earth.” 

I am married to Simon and have a Son, 3 Steps-sons and 4 step-grandchildren.

I am first however first is a human being that like everyone else has made mistakes but fortunately have taken accountability and changed for the better for myself and those around me.

I can help you do the same

It’s not an easy path but one that is well worth it

Due to my own life experiences coupled with, my personality, my life values, my qualifications and my experiences as a Therapist. I can help  you learn how to:

  • believe in yourself even if your family didn’t or don’t believe in you
  • find the balance in your life taking care of your needs and those of your family or your job etc
  • accept what you want and need for your own life
  • Understand clearly the links between your personal life experiences and how your life is today.
  • connect with other people, even if you struggle to connect with your family etc etc

A bit more a. . . .

I qualified as a therapist in 2008. In addition to working in private practice, I have worked for 10 years for charities supporting people with their addictions and also worked in hostels and charities doing community development work. I


Post Graduate Certificate in Holistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (HIP) – The Reach Approach
Diploma in Counselling NCFE Level 4
Psychology: University Degree Level – Modules in -Child Development, Exploring Psychology, Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
Certificate in Counselling Theory NCFE
Certificate in Counselling Skills CPCAB
BA (Hons.) Business Studies: University of Central England

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