Supporting Those Who Struggle With Their Toxic Parents

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dawn croydon-fowler therapist - toxic parents

About Me

Dawn Croydon-Fowler

PG Cert, Dip Co, BA (Hons), MBACP

Psychotherapist with my own private practice based in the UK. Supporting those who are or have been, hurt by their Toxic Parents. 

Whether you have been hurt by your:

  • Narcissistic Mother or Father
  • parent with an Addiction
  • co-dependent or very needy parent
  • emotionally or Verbally abusive parent
  • parent who is just very difficult to Cope with
  • etc

What You Will Gain:


Information and research on why you are affected by your Toxic Parents. Understanding that it’s not that simple to just get over it. Knowing why and how it has affected you will help.T


You will be provided with support and encouragement from real people Whether you are affected by your mother, father or both your parents, we are here to help.


It’s one thing to know why things have affected you the way they have but it’s another to know what to do about it. A wide variety of strategies and techniques will be provided that are straightforward to implement in your life


Change comes from doing these things consistently and regularly in your life.

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