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Virtual Life Coach Therapist Online using Zoom


My Life Coach Therapist Service

Is specifically for you if who have no serious mental health issues like depression or anxiety but could be dissatisfied with certain aspects of your life. You may feel that you believe you could do better have more of a particular thing. 

Life coaching with a qualified therapist would be beneficial as you can guarantee that your emotional needs as well as your practical goals and strategies would be catered for. Another benefit is that as a life coach therapist I can provide you with time limited sessions but extend this into therapy sessions if it surfaces that you need this extra support. You could do this with the same person without needing to find a new therapist. 

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a form of development in which someone supports somebody else in achieving a specific personal goal by providing a combination of guidance, information, and accountability so that you being coached will achieve a lot more than you would or could on your own.

How it works

  • coaching is generally more solution-focused and task-oriented, therefore the same level of emotional inquiry is not expected
  • tends to be short to medium-term work
  • I understand that not all clients want or need to work at significant emotional depth, which for some makes coaching a better choice
  • It is focussed on helping you to achieve your goals
  • If you get off track, this can be an opportunity to increase your efforts, or to re-evaluate, making sure you are working smart and not just hard.

Ways I can help with Coaching

  • Support in finding a relationship 
  • Learning to set boundaries
  • Improving your overall self-care well-being i.e. work-life balance
  • Developing strategies to maintain your emotional wellness

Fees, Number of Sessions, etc

Clients do a lot better with weekly sessions and improvements can be made, in the short-term (about 6 – 8 weekly sessions). This generally depends on how much work you are able to do in between sessions as mentioned above.

For Virtual Coaching, I charge £60 per session payable 48 hours before the date of your session.

A 10% discount is given if the full amount is paid in advance of all your sessions. For example, if you pre-book 6 sessions. This would normally cost in pound sterling £360.00. With the 10% discount paid in advance, you would be required to pay £324.


If you would like to gift this to someone, feel free to contact me.


If you would like to know more about how practical and compassionate life coaching from a qualified professional could help you please contact me and ask any questions you may have by email on the contact page of the website. I also provide a free 15-minute consultation

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