Online Therapy UK For Individuals & Couples

Online Therapy UK Based provided by a qualified and experienced Therapist.

Accessible and affordable therapy by video call using Zoom or telephone calls using Whatsapp. 

As an alternative to face-to-face therapy, I offer online therapy sessions For Individuals and Couples using Zoom which is easy to use and very secure.

Zoom is a secure, popular video conferencing service and they have taken recent steps to secure their services even further. So you could be assured that you will be safe.

Learn more about Zoom and how to use it here.

What is Online Therapy UK?

Using online therapy will give you the chance to speak to me online, not necessarily having met me face to face.

For a long time, therapy sessions have been held in a quiet room with two people talking together. This is what the majority of us think of when we picture what counselling is like.

With the massive growth of digital technology, has provided a new form of therapy that is beginning to change how we see counselling.

Online therapy is an alternative form of face-to-face therapy that allows me to communicate with you remotely through the Internet (vs. in-office sessions). Through online therapy, you can communicate with your counselor using a computer, tablet, smartphone, and any other device to use an Internet connection.

What are the main benefits of Online Therapy UK for you?

  • You may not have the time. You find it difficult to arrange a time to physically see me, to travel to where I am based. From a practical perspective, online therapy offers an alternative where traditional therapy settings are not practical. For example, fitting in your therapy appointments around childcare can make it all but impossible to attend. Online therapy offers a realistic alternative.
  • You may have physical health problems or disabilities. Even though the premises where I work from has disabled access, you may still find it challenging to get here.
  • You may find it emotionally challenging. You could feel very shy or uncomfortable seeing me face to face. Some people find it less embarrassing and allow them to discuss personal issues more openly without feelings of guilt or shame.
  • Agoraphobia or social anxiety – numerous phobias and mental health issues may prevent you from traveling or spending time in new environments.
  • It’s a fact that people express their emotions in different ways, and it’s not always easy being open and honest about your feelings while sitting in a therapist’s office. It could exacerbate their anxious feelings for people with social anxiety, making them feel like shutting down. With this therapy treatment that requires a visit to a therapist’s office, if you’re struggling with social anxiety or severe trauma, you can take the time needed to get comfortable with your counselor. Maybe you start with online messaging for online therapy and build up to sessions that are mostly or all via video chats, making finding a therapist with online therapy a great decision for you.
  • In more serious cases, individuals living with a difficult partner or spouse can feel in-person and/or telephone appointments are not safe. Carrying out a live chat session via a laptop or tablet can offer a more discrete alternative that can be completed at work for example.

There are so many other reasons why someone would want online therapy but for whatever reasons, I will do my best to ensure that you feel comfortable and secure.

How does online therapy work?

Nowadays it is very simple to communicate online with me. You can use a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone wherever you are and I will speak to you via an easy-to-use, secure service, like Zoom or WhatsApp.

Your session will still be arranged in advance at a time to suit you and you can decide whether you’d like to see me via a video call or just talk instead.

If you are interested in starting online therapy sessions with me. I offer a free 15-minute session for you to discuss your needs with me. This is without any obligation. Just contact me now by completing my form.

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