Digital Reading Journal for your Self-Help Books

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This Hyperlinked digital reading journal allows you to track 7  Self-help books. You can record your highlights, complete the exercises, journal prompts to reflect on how the book as helped you.  All while keeping what you have learned from reading your self-help book in one place.



As a PDF, This Digital Reading Journal for your Self-help books is Hyperlinked throughout offers several advantages for those looking to improve themselves and maintain a record of their personal growth journey. Here are some benefits: 


  1. BOOK LOG: Log up to 8 Self-help books to include a review on what you felt about the book.  
  1. JOURNAL PROMPTS: to write and explore what you want from the book to ensure that you are getting the best out of it. You can then finish by saying if the book has really helped you and what could have been better. 
  1. EXERCISES: You have space to complete 10 exercises per book 
  1. HIGHLIGHTS: Space to record up to 10 highlights of the best parts of each book. 
  1. NOTE PAGES: To write down your own thoughts 
  1. ORGANIZATION: Digital journals often provide tools for easy categorization, tagging, and searching, helping you keep your thoughts, goals, and insights neatly organized. 
  1. EFFICIENT EDITING: Using a Stylus Pen, this digital journal will enable you to edit and revise your entries with ease, ensuring that your reflections are clear and accurate. 
  1. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: Using a digital journal reduces paper usage, contributing to a more eco-friendly approach to self-help journaling. 
  1. COST-EFFICIENCY: Over time, digital journals may be more cost-effective than purchasing physical journals or notebooks. 


These benefits make digital self-help journals a versatile and powerful tool for personal development, self-reflection, and maintaining a detailed record of your life’s journey. 

Very often we read amazing books but forget about them in a short while. With this Digital Reading Journal you can keep the amazing things you have learned.



  • PDF Digital Download
  • For use with iPAD/ Apple / Android with your chosen Annotation App
  • Portrait Layout
  • Hyperlinks throughout
  • Available in a variety of colours in my shop

The planner contains:

  • A book log for your 7 books
  • Then for each of your 7 books, you will have space to:
  • Record the top 10 highlights to also journal your thoughts and feelings
  • 4 x Journal prompts to explore what you hope to get out of your books and what you actually got out of the books you have read
  • Journal the exercises that are provided in the book
  • Record also what you expect from the book also how you believed it helped you.
  • Write additional notes



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Other Information

Colours vary depending on your screen and printer

No props, materials, frames etc are included in the sale.

Contact me if you wish to customise this for your personal use – a small fee may be charged

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