Therapy for Those with Toxic Parents

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Online Therapy

Online therapy for those with toxic parents is carried out in a safe supportive environment with me, where your emotions can be expressed without fear of judgment or ridicule. Many find this at times difficult but a life-changing and at times a life-saving experience.  

It helps if you feel stuck in some of those behaviours that you know don’t work for you. Those behaviours could manifest themselves in the form of addiction, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, people pleasing, and many others. 

Psychotherapy can be an invaluable process through which behaviours, difficult emotions, thoughts, and beliefs can be brought to light and worked through to a better outcome for your life.

I also do shorter-term therapy if you wish to just work on a specific area of your life (see below) but understand this is a process that often takes time but the end results are always worth it.

So in what way can I, as a therapist can help with therapy if your parents are toxic?


Why Online Therapy for those with Toxic Parents Beneficial 

Very often it is not just the one big obvious types of trauma that we know about, it is very much about how our families were. Parents that are Emotionally abusive can be difficult to spot and you as their adult child to explain how they are affecting you.

Therapy would help you to make this clear for you so you can understand how your childhood and your life experiences are impacting you.

For example, most of us as human beings can cope with very difficult circumstances in life. If we may or may not have experienced poverty, bullying, crime, earthquakes, war etc. All these difficulties unfortunately are a part of life for some of us. 

However, this is a big thing if our families were supportive emotionally, spiritually, and physically we would cope better with these things. 

This is not to say we won’t struggle but if we know that we have a safe place to fall to go to away from these difficulties, we would not be as affected by those things as someone else who experienced those things but they felt that their home environment was hard to cope with as well.

But even if we were brought up “affluently” and wanted for nothing physically, the world through a child’s eyes would be dangerous without the support and guidance of their parents. Our parents, if they are emotionally mature, would be able to show us how to navigate those difficulties and not be too scarred by them. 

Our families as children are like our micro-world where we learn about ourselves and how to fit in with the world at large.  

Our early experiences shape what we say about ourselves, others and the world. Our families shape our beliefs, our values and very often we go through life and we don’t question them. Especially when they are not working for us. 

I will work with you to look through your experiences to help you understand why you are you. You can start to question these things during your sessions with me and work out if these are useful to you.

This is done gently at your pace in a way not to cause you any further trauma. At the same time, I will support you with tools to help you cope with your emotions. 

It is not a quick fix as you can imagine but you will be on the way to being the person you want to be. 

My family of origin work in therapy involves an exploration of the past. To give you an understanding of how the past might have impacted you.

How I work - Types of Therapy

Trauma-Informed Therapist

As a trauma-informed therapist, I am aware of the complex impact of trauma, even if you don’t perceive it as trauma would have on your life.

A trauma-informed approach integrates a thorough knowledge of the impact of your life experience into every aspect of my work with you. The first major part of that for me would be making your emotional and psychological safety a priority.

This would include first building some self-care and coping strategies so that you would feel able to cope with this process.


Part of how I work is based on Psychodynamic therapy. This is because I believe that how you behave now is determined by past experiences, mainly from childhood and during adolescence. 

It aims to help you make sense of what is happening in your life now and the links and origins of your past.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is classed as talking therapy that can help you learn to manage your problems by changing the way you think and feel. This is results in working towards changing some of your behaviours. 

You will be shown how to change these in a structured way using worksheets that you can work through at home in your own time. You would be taught practical methods and tools that you can use on a frequent basis.

The benefits of using CBT are that not only would we work through issues affecting you from your past, but we will also deal with your current problems.

Holistic Therapy

I also work holistically.

I believe that what we eat, and drink, our purpose in life, who we love, who loves us a whole myriad of things affect who we are and how we feel. When we take those things into consideration, it would help us to be more of the person we want to be

Holistic means looking at you as a person as a whole, exploring everything about you including what is happening with your mind (how you think, feel and handle your emotions); Your body (what is happening with your body and how well you manage to take care of your self can affect your emotional health) Your Spirit (who you are as a person deep down) and Your Environment (this include work, your relationships, your homelife etc)

They all impact us and I will support you in a structured way to start to improve these areas.

I believe that we must pay equal attention to what is happening in your mind, body, spirit, and environment,  for us to improve our emotional, physical, and mental health. To also enjoy life better and to be happy.

What Issues can 1:1 Therapy Help With?

Some of the common areas individuals seek support include:

Anger issues
Attachment Issues
Bereavement and loss
Black Therapist
Couples counselling
Cross-cultural issues
Emotional Abuse
Family issues
Narcissistic Abuse
Relationship issues
Self-esteem issues


Other Ways I can Help

Shorter-term Counselling

Normally takes between 6 – 10 sessions.

You may not want to or feel the need to go deeply into your childhood experiences but we can also work in a more solution focussed way on specific areas of your life that you want to change.

Maybe you are struggling with bereavement, or starting to address some self-esteem issues, improving your anxiety, or improving how you manage your emotions, and feelings of depression. 

You may not feel ready for a number of reasons to have long-term therapy but having a few sessions, to begin with is a great start. 

Personal Coaching

I also provide a coaching service, which again is for those of you who do not wish to delve into deep-seated issues. 

You may have done that work to some degree already but just need some support in rebuilding your life in a more practical way.

Here I focus more on you Holistically (see the section on Holistic) and work with you on a practical level that could help improve issues such as:

  • Learning to set boundaries
  • Improving your self-care
  • Finding your purpose
  • Improving self-awareness
  • Rebuilding your life independent of your parents

I offer a far-reaching, life-changing service. I was trained first as a Person Centred Therapist which helped me to ensure I will provide you genuineness without with insightfulness and discernment. I also will walk alongside you on your journey to where you want to go.

I would suggest making note of what you are not sure of after reading through this article and maybe we can chat about it during your free 15-minute consultation.

Get on the List

Do you have a Toxic, Emotionally Immature, Narcissist, Co-dependent, or Parent with an Addiction? Have you struggled with their behavior for most of your life? Maybe your Childhood wasn’t the best but you want to make sense of why it still affects you now.

You may find yourself struggling in so many ways.

I am an experienced and qualified Online-Therapist based in the United Kingdom helping you on your road to healing from your Toxic Parents. 

Healing is Possible! I’m here to walk with you on your Journey

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