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Online Therapist Supporting those who struggle with their Parents

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  • Do you just not like yourself, no matter how hard you work, doesn’t matter how “good” you are – you never reach the mark
  • Even though you are an adult, you still crave the love of your parents
  • You just feel drained, not knowing how to move forward or make your life better
  • You feel that your upbringing is defining your life
  • You worry that you could become like your mother or father
  • To the outside, your parents look great but your experiences of them are different
  • Or you no longer want the pain of your past to rule your life anymore

It's about time you felt:

  • that you can thrive and not just survive
  • feel fine that you deserve a place in the world
  • that you know what you are meant to do with your life
  • that you understand how to communicate better and listen to.
  • better physically as well as emotionally
  • that you have meaningful relationships
  • the best years of your life are not behind you and it’s not too late to change
online trauma informed therapist

Why you would benefit from an Online Therapist

A lot of us find it really difficult to talk about our Parents. The aim here is not to speak or write them in an abusively disparaging manner.

It is just for you to express your feelings and opinions about your life experiences, and to also understand how your relationship with your parents affect you.

It is such a worthwhile thing to do as it is a courageous and positive step towards healing. 

Looking for an Online Therapist that is...


Providing Safety, Nurturing and Deep Sympathy for your own life Experiences


Qualified, Registered with the BACP, and Insured


Helping you to understand how your life experiences have affected you is healing


Building trust is at the heart of what I do. Trust is built at your Pace
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Firstly, having walked this journey myself. I understand how it is to feel completely overwhelmed by childhood experiences.

I specialise in supporting individuals wanting to heal from Toxic, Emotionally Immature Parents.

Whether your parents have an addiction, have anger issues, or are narcissists, emotionally immature, or co-dependent, etc.

I’m here for you

Providing a space without judgment where you could explore your thoughts and feelings openly. Also, encouragement to help you grow into the person you are meant to be.

I am an Online Therapist supporting those who struggle with their Parents

I believe that a privileged background comes from having a childhood where you were loved, accepted, praised, guided, allowed to experience life as a child, given enough attention and understood etc.

Very often many of us did not get that, even if we appeared to live in a lovely house, lived in a good area, had two holidays a year. Those things were good, but as a child, you needed more. A lot more.

Due to my own life experiences coupled with, my personality, my life values, my qualifications and my experiences as a Therapist. I can help  you learn how to:

  • believe in yourself even if your parents didn’t or don’t believe in you
  • find the balance in your life taking care of your needs and those of your family or your job etc
  • accept what you want and need for your own life
  • Understand clearly the links between your personal life experiences and how your life is today.
  • connect with other people, even if you struggle to connect with your parents
  • etc etc

How I can Help

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